“Ross Hyslop has an amazing natural ability to clear even the most cluttered mind of those constant, involuntary streaming thoughts & incessant mental chatter which prevent us from being our “True Self”, the person we were actually born to be but who we have forgotten about, abused & neglected for most of our lives.

He intuitively knows when to challenge your self defeating, negative thought patterns & when to offer support, guidance & encouragement.”

S. Marshall (recovering drug addict)


“Since seeing Ross, I have lost 5 stone in weight; attend exercise Boot Camps and am really enjoying my life. Ross is highly intuitive and compassionate. He knows just how to help your brain to have realisations that are profound and relevant.

I would recommend Neurotherapy and Ross Hyslop to anyone who wants to make positive changes in their life.”

Miss M.S BN MN (Critical care).


“Having therapy with Ross was very comfortable and natural – like being with a good friend, a very ‘no nonsense’ friend. The counselling itself was very powerful and has made a profound impact on my life in every way. I am more motivated and confident in my working and personal life.”

Mrs L.H (Company Director)


“Life after sudden and unexpected partner bereavement threw my life out of sync and, unknown to me, my brain too it would seem. Three years after the event I was still unable to settle down to a ‘normal’ life. Out of professional interest and a deep curiosity I tried Neurofeedback with Ross. I was surprised to find that counselling/coaching came as part of the package with Synaptein.  Neurofeedback identified and corrected the imbalances.  3 months later I was back to my normal self. I would add however, that although Neuro-feedback is a therapy normally offered by others without counselling/coaching support, I would strongly recommend that it is not.”

Mrs H.S (Life Coach)


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