As part of our many treatment plans we offer Neurofeedback,  an innovative treatment, where we feel it may benefit a particular problem. It can be a powerful aid in the process of healing, recovery and change.

Neurofeedback is a painless non-invasive treatment which allows the individual to gain information about his or her brainwave activity and use that information to produce changes in brainwave activity. It has been used successfully to treat addiction, depression, ADHD/ADD, PTSD, stress and anxiety and generally improves brain function to enhance performance.

Neurofeedback, also known as “EEG Biofeedback”, is based on the brain’s electrical activity. All our thoughts, emotions and behaviours are affected by our brainwaves, which are tiny pulses of electrical activity produced as the neurons communicate with each other. When patterns within the brain are not working correctly there will be corresponding challenges. A wide variety of disorders can be traced back to these dysfunctional brainwave patterns. By influencing these electrical patterns, we can change the brain’s communication. One of the greatest strengths of this technique is that it draws upon the brain’s own ability to learn and adapt.

Neurofeedback applications

Rather than trying to affect the body from the outside, Neurofeedback therapy helps the brain to deal with any problems at the foundation. It can help both children and adults and is especially effective for children due to the innate flexibility of the growing child’s mind. Hyperactivity, ADHD, ADD, temper tantrums and conduct problems are more often exhibited by children than by adults. Once the brain has learned to function normally, the effect is usually lasting, and relapse rarely occurs.

Neurofeedback is an effective treatment for individuals who are recovering from injury or coping with a variety of problems such as: Fears/Phobias, Depressed Mood/Mood Swings, Substance Abuse, Chronic Pain, Fatigue, Sleep Problems, Headaches, Autoimmune Problems and PTSD. Neurofeedback training is a valuable tool to bring the brain back on track after day-to-day stress, or to facilitate peak performance for professional athletes or corporate executives. People practising meditation & yoga also report an enhanced ability to quiet racing thoughts and experience deeper, more profound, meditation experiences.

How we do it

In a Neurofeedback treatment session electrodes are applied to the client’s scalp which pick up brainwave activity. The monitored brain activity is processed by advanced computer software which extracts information from the brain signals about certain brainwave frequencies. Changes in the brain signals are fed back to the client by the computer either visually to a monitor in front of them or as sounds through a headset. If the client’s brain activity changes in the direction specified by the neurofeedback trainer, a positive “reward” feedback is given to the client. The client thus learns through this method to change brainwave activity.

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