We believe the most vital component that leads to change; healing and personal transformation is the relationship you form with your counsellor. We have a reputation for a natural approach with clients.

Our approach to counselling

We use an integrative approach – one which reveals how, as a person, we come to be who we are. Throughout our lives, if we perceive that our needs or desires are not being met by those whom we love, the subsequent pain becomes systematically buried within the architecture of our psychology.

This is especially true of traumas encountered during infancy and throughout formative years. Our role is to act as your “mirror” in which you learn to see yourself more clearly and understand more completely the events which have led to your current situation. Once established we can then work together to help you restore balance to your inner world.

After an initial consultation a treatment plan will be agreed with the client. We will continually review this plan for its effectiveness in your treatment.

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