Synaptein offers Coaching, Counselling, Consultancy and Neurofeedback. Based in Central Scotland and London, Synaptein was founded by Ross Hyslop, an accredited counsellor and BACP member, who has been practicing as a coach and counsellor in both the private, public and social enterprise sectors.

We offer Corporate and Personal Coaching Services on a one-to-one personal basis, or a one-off workshop which can be tailored to specific requirements for businesses.

Synaptein also offers clients holistic one-to-one therapy to help with issues such as addiction, anxieties, abuse, behavioral disorders, depression, phobias, stress and the challenges associated with recovering from brain injury.

Our philosophy is based on the belief that the mind and the body are connected, thus treating both is hugely conducive to achieving the best outcome. As every person is unique we will tailor our approach to best suit you, and may use more than one approach as part of your treatment. We don’t work on the premise that ‘one size fits all’.

To help remove some of the blocks to achieving success, confidence or recovery from traumas, we use various techniques to assist the recovery process.

NEUROFEEDBACK can be a powerful aid in the process of healing, recovery and change. It can also improve brain function to enhance sports and executive performance to gain a ‘leading edge’.

HAVENING is a technique which is also being currently promoted by Paul McKennna due to it’s ‘profound’ success and impacting results. The technique was developed by US neuroscientist Dr Ronald Ruden, author of ‘When the Past is also Present’.

We have a holistic approach to therapy and regard counselling and coaching – using different techniques – complimentary to one another. A strong client-therapist relationship is key. We create a comfortable safe environment in which best to achieve this and then develop a working style unique to you – enabling you to bring about positive change in your personal or business life.


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